Sunday 11 July 2021


Labour's Naz Shah made an interesting contribution to Parliamentary debate last week.  MPs were discussing the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill at its third reading (which it passed easily 365-265).  The wide-reaching bill has been the focus of sometimes violent protests from far left groups, but has also attracted the ire of libertarian groups.  However, Naz took the opportunity to bemoan the bill's absence of protection for the hurt feelings of Muslims.

After highlighting the bill's protection for statues, the member for Bradford West rambled on about the importance of the Prophet Muhammad - or, to give him his full title according to Naz - the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.  What Shah appeared to be calling for was a new blasphemy law to protect religious groups from offence.  She may also have had one eye on the collapsing Labour vote in nearby Batley and Spen, where George Galloway came from nowhere to take more than a fifth of the vote.  Shah and Galloway already have history in Bradford West.

Her full four minute speech can be seen below.