Monday 12 July 2021


The insufferably woke virtue signalling oaf who is the current Mayor of London couldn't help but politicise an already heavily politicised tournament ahead of the Euro 2020 final.  On Sunday he tweeted a photo of the England team with the words: "The England team would not exist without immigration".

Where to begin with this daft tweet.  Firstly, there would be an England team with or without immigration.  However, the post of Mayor of London wouldn't be occupied by the idiot who tweeted the above.  Secondly, if diversity is required to succeed, then where was it in the 1966 World Cup winning team?  Where was it in the team that beat England to the European Championship title on Sunday?

These are awkward questions that Khan brings upon himself, but that's just it.  The left have to divide people based on their immutable characteristics, effectively creating the conditions for resentment and racism to grow.  It's what they thrive on.