Thursday 8 July 2021


Gaffe-prone Claudia Webbe is a liability for Labour, even by the standard of Corbyn's 2019 intake of stasi-appointed hard left extremists.  The member for Leicester East currently has the party whip suspended pending the outcome of her harassment trial, but she is still bumbling along as an MP and member of the Socialist Campaign Group.  Earlier this week she made an appearance at a select committee hearing where the Foreign Secretary was fielding questions.  Webbe was introduced via Zoom, but immediately let on that she had not been following proceedings.  She then proceeded to ask a vague question relating to Belarus, a country of which she clearly had little if any knowledge about as she could not even pronounce its name.

An exasperated and stern-faced Dominic Raab tried to garner further information about her question, which confused an already confused individual.  The toe-curling clip can be seen below.

Webbe has since had a Twitter meltdown, accusing users referring to her Belarus gaffe of being 'racist' and 'sexist'.  Typical leftist hysterical reaction to any form of criticism.

Even if she is found not guilty in September, it's hard to see Webbe being an MP beyond the next election.  In 2019 she took Keith Vaz's 22,428 majority and replaced it with a 6,019 majority.  If Galloway puts a Workers Party candidate in at the next election she's gone - that's if her local PLP haven't deselected her by then.