Tuesday 6 July 2021


It will come as no great surprise to find Labour politicians falling over each other to condemn the Prime Minister's claim that most Covid restrictions would end in the final stage of the Covid roadmap.  The proposed removal of the mask mandate appears to have riled Labour more than anything else.  "Keep masks for now" implored Labour's shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth in the Commons.  "Why not wear masks for a bit longer?" he asked despairingly on Good Morning Britain.

How long is that Jonno?  Because if we've learnt nothing else over the last 15 months, it's that 'a bit longer' means never.  Ashworth is such a mask enthusiast that he sports one in his Twitter profile, complete with masked up emoji.

Broadcast media were also very fond of Ashworth's piece about masks and it was pumped out on all the major networks.  ITV's Robert Peston made it clear how he deplored the proposed removal of restrictions in a lengthy Twitter thread.  Whether or not restrictions will end simultaneously as promised remains to be seen, but the metropolitan middle class globalist establishment don't want this nanny state to end - that much is clear.

However, the same people waxing lyrical about how the little people can't possibly survive without state interference in every aspect of their lives are not always so keen to play by the same rules they dictate.  Take Sir Squeaky himself.  Yesterday he tweeted that the removal of restrictions was 'reckless', but his previous tweet not two hours earlier looked like this...

Lovely photo Sir Keir.  Social distancing?  Nah, that's just for the plebs who vote for us.