Monday 5 July 2021


Leftie rag the Morning Star was among those celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) last week.  While officially a 'socialist' publication, the Star shows that socialism is indivisible from communism.  The Star was founded by the now defunct Communist Party of Great Britain, while its motto is the hilarious 'For peace and socialism'.  Far left revolutions are rarely peaceful events and if they succeed the consequence is a society oppressed by a totalitarian state that reaches into every aspect of our lives (yes, that does sound very much like Boris Johnson's government for the last 15 months!)

The person who chaired last week's glowing tribute to the CCP was the editor of the Star, Ben Chacko.  Chacko has a bust of Lenin on his office desk.  After all, it was Lenin who famously said: "The goal of socialism is communism".  Neither Lenin, Chacko or any other devotee care to mention all the death, pain and misery that it takes to achieve and maintain this goal.