Tuesday 6 July 2021


The SAGE member who said face masks and social distancing should stay in place 'forever' has been confronted by Richard Madeley over her political affiliation.  Professor Susan Michie is reportedly a paid up member of the Communist Party of Britain and advises the UK government on 'behavioural compliance'.  Michie appeared on Good Morning Britain to voice her opinion of the government's stated aim of abolishing most Covid restrictions later this month.  Needless to say, she is not impressed.

Co-presenter Madeley challenged Michie on her communist background, but she refused to answer any questions about how her political views impacted on her Covid strategy.  As Madeley quite rightly pointed out - totalitarian nanny state government interference in all aspects of our lives is a wet dream for any socialist.

Watch the full exchange below, including input from conservative commentator Dominique Samuels.

Michie's claim in this interview that her assertion about restrictions being in place forever has been 'misrepresented' is not true.  You can see the full clip here.