Friday 9 July 2021


Six council by-elections this week with seven seats up for grabs on district councils.  Remarkably, all but one seat was lost by the sitting party.

The Conservatives gained two, held one and lost one.  In the Feniton ward of East Devon there was no independent candidate this time and the Tories swept to victory there.  In East Suffolk the Tories were defending two seats and clung on to one of them by just two votes after a stunning result for the Green Party.  It was a good night for the Greens as they took another seat from the Tories in Mid Sussex.

In May the Tories took control of Harlow Council from Labour and gained another Labour seat there last night.

In other results Labour lost a seat to an independent candidate in Huntingtonshire and gained a seat in East Devon from the Lib Dems.  Full results below.

Feniton, East Devon District Council

Con: 239 (53.5%) +40.9%
Lab: 126 (28.2%) +23.4%
LDem: 82 (18.3%) New

Con GAIN from Ind

Honiton St Michael's, East Devon District Council

Lab: 807 (58.0%) New
Con: 522 (37.5%) -15.5%
LDem: 63 (4.5%) -42.5%

Lab GAIN from LDem

Aldeburgh and Leiston, East Suffolk District Council (two seats)

Grn: 1,110
Con: 1,103
Grn: 1,101
Con: 1,006
Lab: 355
Lab: 311
CPB: 61

Grn GAIN from Con (one seat)
Con HOLD (one seat)

Mark Hall, Harlow District Council

Con: 549 (46.4%) +23.2%
Lab: 493 (41.7%) -0.9%
Grn: 86 (7.3%) New
LDem: 55 (4.6%) -5.0%

Con GAIN from Lab

St Neots East, Huntingdonshire District Council

Ind: 249 (42.5%) New
Grn: 196 (33.4%) New
LDem: 68 (11.6%) -15.9%
Con: 47 (8.0%) -24.0%
Lab: 26 (4.4%) -36.0%

Ind GAIN from Lab

Ardingly and Balcombe, Mid Sussex District Council

Grn: 452 (36.9%) +13.6%
Con: 409 (33.4%) -5.6%
LDem: 340 (27.8%) +1.0%
Ind: 23 (1.9%) New

Grn GAIN from Con


Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Grn = Green Party
CPB = Communist Party of Britain
Ind = Independents