Sunday 26 June 2022


In his latest GB News monologue, Neil Oliver lambasts Western governments as they seek to jab younger and younger children with a useless and dangerous vaccine - supposedly intended for a disease that poses almost zero risk to them.  In fact, it is now demonstrably proven that the vaccines pose more of a threat to youngsters than the virus itself.  Furthermore, as Dr John Campbell showed in one of his recent YouTube videos, around 95 per cent of British children already have Covid antibodies - so why then does our government still want to stick them?  And, as Neil points out - the government's own vaccine advisory body estimates that at least two million children would need to be jabbed before a single child is prevented from being hospitalised with Covid.

Something very sinister is going on.

Click below for Neil's full nine minute monologue on Covid jabs for children and what is driving this murderous policy...

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