Wednesday 1 June 2022


by Richey Edwards

Labour backbencher Stella Creasy is an attention seeker of the highest order.  This is the woman who insisted on strapping her offspring to her bosom for every public appearance imaginable - including on the floor of the House of Commons.  This was, she explained due to a lack of affordable childcare.  As well as being an MP for a London constituency less than nine miles from Westminster, Stella is on an £82k salary and Parliament even has its own crèche.  When she was finally told to refrain from bringing her child into the Commons chamber it played right into her hands.  She proceeded to pour her heart out as a victim and made the most of the resulting publicity.

For Stella, everything must be about her.

LOOK AT ME: No-one ever had a baby before Stella

Creasy's been relatively quiet for a few weeks, but returned with a deliberately provocative interview published in Saturday's Daily Telegraph.  The headline was: 'JK Rowling is wrong – a woman can have a penis'.  In the opening line of the interview Stella appears to be interviewing herself - no surprise there - as she is quoted: "Do I think some women were born with penises?  Yes, but they are now women and I respect that."  Wow.

Despite her new-found trans stance, in this same interview she later refers to herself as an 'old-fashioned feminist'.  She continues: "I'm still fighting the patriarchy, I'm not interested in fighting among ourselves".  This statement directly contradicts the previous paragraph in which she lashes out at JK Rowling's sex-based feminism, or to put it correctly - feminism.

Creasy has taken up various feminist causes over the years and she declared in a 2014 interview that her parents 'taught her to be a feminist champion'.  Her latest views run counter to that, but perhaps she was just simply bored with the 'olf-fashioned feminist stuff'.  The Telegraph interview was subtitled with another quote from the interview: "Sometimes you have to break cover and be controversial".  If Creasy was being perfectly honest she should have said: "Sometimes I have to break cover and be controversial in order to draw attention to myself".

That was the intention, of course, and it worked.  The interview was featured in Twitter's trending topics and many high profile names piled in.  By Saturday evening the hashtag #labourlosingwomen was trending as the backlash grew.  Meanwhile, Stella was in her element and riding high on the attention that she craves.  After her interview first appeared, Creasy tweeted about it at least 40 times over three days, mostly in response to people and groups who had voiced criticism.  Despite saying in her interview that she wasn't interested in fighting feminists, she has taken plenty to task on Twitter in the last few days - including a group called Labour Women's Declaration, domestic abuse campaigner Dr Shonagh Dillon and JK Rowling herself.  The latter was a perfect example of Stella's rampant narcissism in action.

She had obviously been checking in on Rowling's account on Saturday for some kind of response to her interview.  This would have been the ultimate dopamine hit for Creasy, but alas, nothing appeared to be forthcoming.  However, on Saturday afternoon Rowling tweeted an article about the vulnerabilities of female prisoners at a New Jersey women's prison where male prisoners identifying as female were being transferred.  Rowling accompanies the article with the line: "These are the real world consequences of redefining woman to include the penised".  There was no mention of Stella Creasy, but the MP saw it differently...

A narcissist would 'presume' it was about them, but unfortunately Stella did not get the exchange she longed for as Rowling gave her the cold shoulder.  It was a bit like the Gallagher brothers feud in which the younger participant obsesses about the other, while the older largely ignores him.  It was Creasy who criticised Rowling in her interview and here she does so again, while bizarrely accusing Rowling of 'attacking' her - which only happened inside Stella's burgeoning head.

While Creasy declared in her interview that her new-found trans views were 'controversial', this twisted ideology is now mainstream on the far left - as long ago as February 2020 Dawn Butler declared that children are 'born without sex'.  And so-called Labour moderates such as Keir Starmer and many of his frontbenchers are scared to death to say anything to upset the trans lobby.  They would rather tie themselves up in knots and risk offending half of the entire population, than upset an ultra tiny minority of noisy nutjobs.  The issue of self-identification could even derail a Labour victory at the next general election, undermining what Starmer would present as a serious political party following the hard left years of Corbyn.  How could women vote for a party that cannot even guarantee them their sex-based rights?

It's absurd, but following Creasy's interview a frontbencher made it clear that Starmer's team were far from united on the issue.  On Sunday morning Sky's Sophy Ridge put Creasy's remarks to Labour chair Anneliese Dodds.  Surprisingly for a politician these days, Dodds provided a straight answer - she did not agree with Creasy and argued in favour of human biology.  One can only imagine the abuse Dodds received for daring to speak science to fiction, albeit she did use a get out of jail clause later in her response.

Click below for the clip.

You'll notice that Dodds does her bit to reassure the trans lobby by suggesting that gender can be assigned, trotting out the line that sex and gender are separate entities.  This clause will still set biological women's rights back if it means anyone can assume a female identity.  The only prominent Labour figure to speak out against trans ideology unequivocally is the esteemed Labour peer and biologist Professor Robert Winston.  Last year he told a BBC Question Time audience that no-one could change their sex, as it is in every single cell of the human body.  As a biologist for almost six decades and with more letters after his name than there are letters in the alphabet, he should know what's what.

Stella Creasy has a PhD in 'social psychology'.

Of course by writing this article and paying her attention, I assuage Creasy's narcissism.  I'm not alone.  Many articles have appeared in the last few days to counter and ridicule her absurd attention-seeking stance, from the Spectator to Spiked.  I write about it, not because I want to give her attention, but in order to present such warped views to a wider audience.  If we are to hold back the tide of twisted so-called 'progressive' ideologies, we must expose them.

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