Thursday 9 June 2022


Mark Drakeford has tweeted a picture of himself tucking into some 'delightful Welsh produce' less than two weeks after it was revealed a pilot scheme in Welsh primary schools would introduce children to the somewhat less delightful concept of eating insects.

Pupils aged 5-11 at four primary schools will take part in the scheme and will be offered insect protein in the form of mince made from the likes of grasshoppers, locusts and mealworms.  If only we were making this shit up.

Bug-eating and plant-based alternatives to meat are being increasingly pushed by the global establishment as part of their crazed 'net zero' and 'zero carbon' agenda.  One of the motives for pushing insects is that they produce less CO2 than cattle and poultry.  On the same day Drakeford was pretending to indulge Welsh farming, the government in New Zealand announced plans to tax farmers on gases emitted from burping cattle.  If only we were making this shit up.

The long-term intention is that farming as we've known it for centuries will largely go to the wall, while consumers are forced to choose between plants and bugs for dinner.  Of course, not all farmers will go under - a few will be retained in order to provide the global elites with all the finest cuts of meat, while we tuck into our reconstituted mealworm goop.

As with Covid, the bourgeoisie socialists in Wales are prepared to go further and faster in this course of action, while not practicing what they preach.

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