Thursday 9 June 2022


While much of Britain indulged itself in Jubilee celebrations last weekend, thirteen of our countrymen and women were locked in a hotel under armed guard in Washington DC.  They were joined by more than a hundred others from around the world in highly influential roles including bankers, journalists, politicians, academics and CEOs of major corporations including big tech, big pharma and energy giants.  This was the 67th Bilderberg meeting.

The Bilderberg Group is a group of powerful globalists who meet in secrecy once a year to determine the future of the planet.  They are less transparent than the World Economic Forum, but their goals almost certainly overlap.  The group is run by a steering committee that decides the host country and who is invited.  Each meeting usually lasts four days and an entire hotel is booked for proceedings - no outsiders are allowed anywhere near the venue.  The mainstream media never discusses Bilderberg, despite the world-changing events that are discussed and engineered.

The thirteen British participants this year included three politicians - Michael Gove and Tom Tugendhat of the Conservatives, and Dave Lammy of Labour.  The latter will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows, but if Labour were to win the next election Lammy would be in the strategically important role of Foreign Secretary.  Politicians with a foreign affairs remit are present at all Bilderberg meetings, as the group looks to influence geo-politics.

The invitation of Tory backbencher Tom Tugendhat was also made with foreign affairs in mind, as he is the chair of the cross-party Foreign Affairs Select Committee, although the group will also have the future of the Conservative leadership in mind also.  Tugendhat has already indicated that he would like to run for leader when Johnson leaves the role.  Tugendhat's invitation is unusual as this was his second consecutive meeting - a rarity - so they clearly see something in him.  He was also name-dropped recently by another globalist activist - ex-Tory MP Rory Stewart.  Stewart was a Bilderberg participant in 2011 and mentioned Tugendhat as a potential successor to Johnson in a recent interview.  Another option he spoke of was Jeremy Hunt, who is a disciple of the World Economic Forum.

Michael Gove, Tom Tugendhat and Dave Lammy

Gove's presence will be of no great surprise to many.  In Cabinet meetings he reportedly argued in favour of tougher Covid restrictions during the pandemic and flat out lied about the introduction of vaccine passports.  Globalists were desperate for the roll-out of vaccine passports in order to further their global digital ID agenda.

Lammy's Twitter account fell completely silent after June 2 for the remaining three days on which he attended the event.  Bilderberg delegates are sworn to secrecy and as such neither Gove, Tugendhat or Lammy have publicly referred to their attendance since landing back in the UK.  Bilderberg minutes, decisions and policies are still shrouded in utmost secrecy, although the group launched a website in 2016.  The guest list is now published each year, as are the topics for discussion.  They have also kindly backdated the topics discussed at previous meetings, none of which has done anything to discourage 'conspiracy theorists'.  For instance, they openly discussed the 'New World Order' at 2007's meeting and also discussed the Middle East at 2002's meeting - a year before the West invaded Iraq.  Also discussed at the 2007 meeting were the 'risks and opportunities of private equity and hedge funds' - a year before the financial crash.

This year's topics were as follows.

1. Geopolitical Realignments
2. NATO Challenges
3. China
4. Indo-Pacific Realignment
5. Sino-US Tech Competition
6. Russia
7. Continuity of Government and the Economy
8. Disruption of the Global Financial System
9. Disinformation
10. Energy Security and Sustainability
11. Post Pandemic Health
12. Fragmentation of Democratic Societies
13. Trade and Deglobalisation
14. Ukraine

Some of these topics - such as Ukraine - are reactive, but bear in mind that there has been no official Bilderberg gathering since 2019, due to the pandemic.  There was nothing in the 2019 agenda to suggest that the pandemic was forthcoming or engineered.

Number nine on this year's agenda will be of great concern to many, with censorship already on the rise.  The Biden administration's 'Ministry of Truth' was widely ridiculed and later 'paused', but closer to home we have similar threats to free speech in the form of Johnson's 'Online Safety Bill'.  The Bilderberg Group will undoubtedly have had censorship in mind by inviting figures from Google and Facebook, the head of GCHQ and pioneers in artificial intelligence such as the UK's Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman.  We must never forget that the biggest purveyors of 'disinformation' over the last two years has been the mainstream media, big tech, paid off scientists and politicians.  Truth has been hard to come by, but truth is what the Bilderbergers and Schwabs of this world refer to as 'disinformation'.

Below is the full list of participants at this year's Bilderberg meeting, courtesy of their website.  British attendees are in bold.

Achleitner, Paul M. (DEU), Former Chairman Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG; Treasurer Bilderberg Meetings
Adeyemo, Adewale (USA), Deputy Secretary, Department of the Treasury
Albares, José Manuel (ESP), Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation
Altman, Roger C. (USA), Founder and Senior Chairman, Evercore Inc.
Altman, Sam (USA), CEO, OpenAI
Applebaum, Anne (USA), Staff Writer, The Atlantic
Arnaut, José Luís (PRT), Managing Partner, CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut
Auken, Ida (DNK), Member of Parliament, The Social Democrat Party
Azoulay, Audrey (INT), Director-General, UNESCO
Baker, James H. (USA), Director, Office of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense
Barbizet, Patricia (FRA), Chairwoman and CEO, Temaris & Associés SAS
Barroso, José Manuel (PRT), Chairman, Goldman Sachs International LLC
Baudson, Valérie (FRA), CEO, Amundi
Beurden, Ben van (NLD), CEO, Shell plc
Bourla, Albert (USA), Chairman and CEO, Pfizer Inc.
Buberl, Thomas (FRA), CEO, AXA SA
Burns, William J. (USA), Director, CIA
Byrne, Thomas (IRL), Minister of State for European Affairs
Campbell, Kurt (USA), White House Coordinator for Indo-Pacific, NSC
Carney, Mark J. (CAN), Vice Chair, Brookfield Asset Management
Casado, Pablo (ESP), Former President, Partido Popular
Chhabra, Tarun (USA), Senior Director for Technology and National Security, National Security Council
Donohoe, Paschal (IRL), Minister for Finance; President, Eurogroup
Döpfner, Mathias (DEU), Chairman and CEO, Axel Springer SE
Dudley, William C. (USA), Senior Research Scholar, Princeton University
Easterly, Jen (USA), Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Economy, Elizabeth (USA), Senior Advisor for China, Department of Commerce
Émié, Bernard (FRA), Director General, Ministry of the Armed Forces
Emond, Charles (CAN), CEO, CDPQ
Erdogan, Emre (TUR), Professor Political Science, Istanbul Bilgi University
Eriksen, Øyvind (NOR), President and CEO, Aker ASA
Ermotti, Sergio (CHE), Chairman, Swiss Re
Fanusie, Yaya (USA), Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security
Feltri, Stefano (ITA), Editor-in-Chief, Domani
Fleming, Jeremy (GBR), Director, British Government Communications Headquarters
Freeland, Chrystia (CAN), Deputy Prime Minister
Furtado, Isabel (PRT), CEO, TMG Automotive
Gove, Michael (GBR), Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Cabinet Office
Halberstadt, Victor (NLD), Co-Chair Bilderberg Meetings; Professor of Economics, Leiden University
Hallengren, Lena (SWE), Minister for Health and Social Affairs
Hamers, Ralph (NLD), CEO, UBS Group AG
Hassabis, Demis (GBR), CEO and Founder, DeepMind
Hedegaard, Connie (DNK), Chair, KR Foundation
Henry, Mary Kay (USA), International President, Service Employees International Union
Hobson, Mellody (USA), Co-CEO and President, Ariel Investments LLC
Hodges, Ben (USA), Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies, Center for European Policy Analysis
Hoekstra, Wopke (NLD), Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hoffman, Reid (USA), Co-Founder, Inflection AI; Partner, Greylock
Huët, Jean Marc (NLD), Chairman, Heineken NV
Joshi, Shashank (GBR), Defence Editor, The Economist
Karp, Alex (USA), CEO, Palantir Technologies Inc.
Kissinger, Henry A. (USA), Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc.
Koç, Ömer (TUR), Chairman, Koç Holding AS
Kofman, Michael (USA), Director, Russia Studies Program, Center for Naval Analysis
Kostrzewa, Wojciech (POL), President, Polish Business Roundtable
Krasnik, Martin (DNK), Editor-in-Chief, Weekendavisen
Kravis, Henry R. (USA), Co-Chairman, KKR & Co. Inc.  
Kravis, Marie-Josée (USA), Co-Chair Bilderberg Meetings; Chair, The Museum of Modern Art
Kudelski, André (CHE), Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group SA
Kukies, Jörg (DEU), State Secretary, Chancellery
Lammy, David (GBR), Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, House of Commons
LeCun, Yann (USA), Vice-President and Chief AI Scientist, Facebook, Inc.
Leu, Livia (CHE), State Secretary, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Leysen, Thomas (BEL), Chairman, Umicore and Mediahuis; Chairman DSM N.V.
Liikanen, Erkki (FIN), Chairman, IFRS  Foundation Trustees
Little, Mark (CAN), President and CEO, Suncor Energy Inc.
Looney, Bernard (GBR), CEO, BP plc
Lundstedt, Martin (SWE), CEO and President, Volvo Group
Lütke, Tobias (CAN), CEO, Shopify
Marin, Sanna (FIN), Prime Minister
Markarowa, Oksana (UKR), Ambassador of Ukraine to the US
Meinl-Reisinger, Beate (AUT), Party Leader, NEOS
Michel, Charles (INT), President, European Council
Minton Beddoes, Zanny (GBR), Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
Mullen, Michael (USA), Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Mundie, Craig J. (USA), President, Mundie & Associates LLC
Netherlands, H.M. the King of the (NLD)
Niemi, Kaius (FIN), Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper
Núñez, Carlos (ESP), Executive Chairman, PRISA Media
O'Leary, Michael (IRL), Group CEO, Ryanair Group
Papalexopoulos, Dimitri (GRC), Chairman, TITAN Cement Group
Petraeus, David H. (USA), Chairman, KKR Global Institute
Pierrakakis, Kyriakos (GRC), Minister of Digital Governance
Pinho, Ana (PRT), President and CEO, Serralves Foundation
Pouyanné, Patrick (FRA), Chairman and CEO, TotalEnergies SE
Rachman, Gideon (GBR), Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times
Raimondo, Gina M. (USA), Secretary of Commerce
Reksten Skaugen, Grace (NOR), Board Member, Investor AB
Rende, Mithat (TUR), Member of the Board, TSKB
Reynders, Didier (INT), European Commissioner for Justice
Rutte, Mark (NLD), Prime Minister
Salvi, Diogo (PRT), Co-Founder and CEO, TIMWE
Sawers, John (GBR), Executive Chairman, Newbridge Advisory Ltd.
Schadlow, Nadia (USA), Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
Schinas, Margaritis (INT), Vice President, European Commission
Schmidt, Eric E. (USA), Former CEO and Chairman, Google LLC
Scott, Kevin (USA), CTO, Microsoft Corporation
Sebastião, Nuno (PRT), CEO, Feedzai
Sedwill, Mark (GBR), Chairman, Atlantic Futures Forum
Sikorski, Radoslaw (POL), MEP, European Parliament
Sinema, Kyrsten (USA), Senator
Starace, Francesco (ITA), CEO, Enel S.p.A.
Stelzenmüller, Constanze (DEU), Fritz Stern Chair, The Brookings Institution
Stoltenberg, Jens (INT), Secretary General, NATO
Straeten, Tinne Van der (BEL), Minister for Energy
Suleyman, Mustafa (GBR), CEO, Inflection AI
Sullivan, Jake (USA), Director, National Security Council
Tellis, Ashley J. (USA), Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs, Carnegie Endowment
Thiel, Peter (USA), President, Thiel Capital LLC
Treichl, Andreas (AUT), President, Chairman ERSTE Foundation
Tugendhat, Tom (GBR), MP; Chair Foreign Affairs Committee, House of Commons
Veremis, Markos (GRC), Co-Founder and Chairman, Upstream
Vitrenko, Yuriy (UKR), CEO, Naftogaz
Wallander, Celeste (USA), Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
Wallenberg, Marcus (SWE), Chair, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
Walmsley, Emma (GBR), CEO, GlaxoSmithKline plc
Wennink, Peter (NLD), President and CEO, ASML Holding NV
Yetkin, Murat (TUR), Journalist/Writer, YetkinReport
Yurdakul, Afsin (TUR), Journalist, Habertürk News Network
Zeiler, Gerhard (AUS), President Warnermedia International

Two of the British delegates were from The Economist newspaper, the editor of which was attending her second Bilderberg meeting.  Her first appearance was in 2015 and she has also spoken at the World Economic Forum.

Names can be put to the faces of the remaining British contingent below.  That way you will know that when they show up on your TV screen you know that individual is not working in your interest.

Top row: Jeremy Fleming, Demis Hassabis, Shashank Joshi, Bernard Looney
Middle row: Zanny Minton Beddoes, Gideon Rachman, John Sawers, Mark Sedwill
Bottom row: Mustafa Suleyman, Emma Walmsley

Although an Irishman, Bernard Looney is listed as a British delegate as he lives in London and represents a British company, BP.

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