Sunday 12 June 2022


An event took place in north London on Saturday entitled 'Conference for the Black Child'.  The title was inspired by 'Child Q', a black schoolgirl reportedly strip-searched by Met officers who were called in after teachers claimed to smell cannabis on her.  The Child Q story forms the basis for much of the event, which claims there is institutional racism 'at the heart of the British establishment', primarily in education.  The conference is chaired by none other than Diane Abbott (quelle surprise?) with contributions from Labour colleagues including Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Apsana Begum and Baroness Chakrabarti.  Presumably Dawn Butler and Dave Lammy were unavailable.

The full itinerary can be found below.

As you can see, there is an obsession with perceived 'institutional racism' against children.  However, there is no mention of child grooming for sex.  Whereas they talk about 'Child Q' - a singular case - there have been tens of thousands of British schoolchildren groomed by gangs, many of whom at the school gates.  We know the reason they don't mention it and it is, ironically, their own institutional racism.  From council authorities and social services to the police, grooming gangs were allowed to operate for years with impunity because the perpetrators were Asian.  Labour politicians, including its current leader, have stonewalled the victims - who are overwhelmingly white.

Racism cuts both ways Diane Abbott and co.


  1. SURPRISE ? No KS ? Diane ?? And LABOUR COUNCILS ?? No Surprise at all . Terrible grooming , OUTRAGES COVERING UP AND Negligence. as usual by COUNCILS . Poor old Diane’s name has been surfaced , no mention from the KNIGHT or the Blustering iidiot STOOGE OF H R H NICOLA ( the Bin ! Break up the UK ❤️ ?And give up. our Sovereignty and be ruled by The E I CESS PIT !! ) Typical non mention by B B C of KEIR & Cronies usual silence , disgraceful especially after the brilliant Platinum turn out FROM THOUSANDS OF U K CITIZENS including Scottish and Brilliant Pipers ?.

  2. Those there spread racism and make the situation worse