Monday 13 June 2022


Dave Lammy has tweeted about the plight of Afghan women under Taliban rule and posted two pictures of his recent visit to the country, including one of himself sitting among students in a classroom.  Of course you might say it looks just like any school in Tottenham, but it would detract from what was a bold visit by Lammy.  After-all, this is a country he voted to bomb 21 years ago, but apparently the Taliban are a more affable regime these days and Dave appeared to wander around Kabul unimpeded.

He saved criticism for the regime until he was safely back in Blighty, although his classroom visit didn't appear to improve his spelling...

Replies to his tweet wondered what Dave wanted to do about the 'Tabilan' and whether the strategy for Afghanistan was discussed at the Bilderberg meeting he attended prior to his Afghan visit.  Would a Labour government push for regime change?  Another invasion perhaps, leading to decades of  costly occupation after which the Taliban come back anyway?  To be fair, the Bilderberg Group probably has bigger Ukrainian fish to fry and in any case, Dave's not going to provide any clues.  He's not mentioned his four days with the elite once, and never will.

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