Sunday 19 June 2022


This is the sleepy village of Stanstead in Suffolk.  The population is just over 300, spread across 140 homes and definitely no airport nearby.  Yes, hot on the heels of his 'Tabilan' tweet, the grammatically challenged Dave Lammy has struck again.  The man who would be our foreign secretary managed to misspell the name of the airport he was using to attack the government...

We used to refer to Lammy as 'Daft Dave', but it's becoming increasingly apparent that he's more like a 'Dyslexic Dave'.  Some of those in the comments sensed an anti-Brexit message in Lammy's tweet.  One of them was his former Labour colleague Kate Hoey, now Baroness Hoey of course and an independent...

Kate's response was by far the most popular response to Lammy, with more than four thousand 'likes'.  It still remains to be explained by Dave and his Europhile posse how Brexit has somehow managed to create travel chaos across much of Europe and spiralling inflation across the West?

It's not Brexit, dummy.

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