Monday 6 June 2022


Neil delivers a scathing critique of the British state in this week's piece, deciding that it no longer works for the people of this country.  In fact, if anything, it works against us.  The disasters that face the masses as a result of two years of insane policy decisions are designed to make us poorer and reliant on the state.  Such servitude will in turn lead to a bigger state and more control over our lives.  This is the Great Reset in motion.

When the elites said they would 'build back better' they meant for themselves.  Life is going to be pretty damn miserable for the 99 per cent.  Klaus Schwab says that when the masses are penniless and own nothing, we will be happy.  That sounds highly unlikely, but the head of the World Economic Forum has designs on a brain implant for every one of us.  Presumably that will somehow programme human beings in a dystopian future that will make 1984 look tame in comparison.  It's not a conspiracy theory, click here for a video clip of Schwab from the 2017 WEF conference.

Click below for the full nine and a half minutes.

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