Monday 20 June 2022


A recent report from the UN suggests that the earth's temperatures haven't risen for 15 years.  The damning report should be a major blow to the climate change lobby, but as per usual - with anything detrimental to the globalist elite - the story never saw the light of day in mainstream media.  Step forward our libertarian hero to make it the centrepiece of his latest searing monologue on GB News.

There is little doubt to anyone who's paying attention that the green agenda - whether it be called Net Zero, the Green New Deal, COP26 or Agenda 2030 - we will all be poorer because of it.  All of us, that is, except the elites.  Take Barack Obama, who recently installed huge propane tanks at his coastal mansion.  Not only is that not what he preaches for the rest of us, the very fact he recently purchased a coastal mansion suggests that he is not at all concerned about rising sea levels.

These people preach green for the rest of us, while they enjoy all the spoils of fossil fuels and meat.

Watch Neil's latest piece to camera below.

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