Friday 10 June 2022


Keir Starmer has been passing himself off as some kind of statesman in a visit to Ireland over the past 24 hours.  Accompanied by his shadow Northern Ireland spokesman Peter Kyle, Sir Squeaky was received by the Irish Taoiseach, the President of Ireland, the defence and foreign affairs minister, the finance minister and the Irish Labour Party leader.  He posted a series of tweets from the visit, including a set of photos from some of those aforementioned meetings...

He also tweeted the following...

He also retweeted the Taoiseach, the President, the Irish Foreign Ministry, finance minister, Trinity College Dublin and the Belfast Telegraph.  However, there was another meeting that neither Starmer or Kyle wanted voters to know about.  Unfortunately for both of them, the other party at that meeting was not so shy about it...

That's right folks, Starmer and Kyle had a cosy sit down meeting with Sinn Fein's leader Mary Lou McDonald (and yes, that is a Palestinian flag in her profile picture).
Why the secrecy Sir Keir?  Is it perhaps that you realise how damaging such acquaintances can be perceived back home?  At least Jeremy Corbyn was straight up and honest about his relationship with Marxist terrorists.

This is not the first time that Starmer has been embarrassed by a Sinn Fein figure.  When he was elected Labour leader in 2020 one of those who congratulated him was Martina Anderson, a former IRA bomber who was arrested in 1985 alongside Brighton bomber Patrick Magee.  She was sentenced to life the following year for conspiring to cause explosions.  In a Facebook post, she posted the following photograph of the pair together.

Keir Starmer pictured with convicted IRA terrorist Martina Anderson

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