Wednesday 18 August 2021


Labour's Socialist Campaign Group has backed a call from the far left Stop the War Coalition for 'reparations' to Afghanistan.  A statement from the SCG was signed by 19 of the groups 35 members, plus six Labour peers (see below).

The statement mirrors that published by the Stop the War Coalition on its website two days earlier.  The statement includes the following: "The British government should take a lead in offering a refugee programme and reparations to rebuild Afghanistan, an act which would go a great deal further in advancing the rights of the Afghan people, women in particular, than continued military or economic intervention in the fate of the Afghanistan".

Now that the Taliban is back in power, how on earth do these buffons expect reparations to be used to 'advance the rights of Afghan women'?  Furthermore, what reparations did their beloved Soviet Union pay after they left Afghanistan?  How about those communist invaders cough up first, as a gesture to the West?

The Stop the War Coalition was founded ten days after the September 11 attacks by Lindsey German, a far left activist who was at that time a member of the Socialist Workers Party.  Among the early sponsors of the group were Labour MPs Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway.  Rallies organised by the group have been addressed by many hard left MPs over the years, including Diane Abbott, Richard Burgon, John McDonnell and Caroline Lucas of the Greens.  During its twenty-year existence the group has also been backed by the SNP and Plaid Cymru, as well as the Communist Party of Britain.

On its website the group boasts how it was "one of the main organisers of the massive protests against Donald Trump".  Funny that, considering that during his presidency Trump did not embark on a single foreign conflict.  Further proof that Stop the War is just another front for communist agitators, for whom revolutionary uprisings are much higher on their agenda than 'peace'.