Wednesday 18 August 2021


A woman has been arrested over £32,334 of missing donations raised on the back of BLM protests in Bristol last year.  A crowdfunding page set up in the name of Bristol BLM raked in donations in the aftermath of the toppling of the Colston statue.  The named beneficiary of the GoFundMe page was local black charity 'Change Your Mind Set', but the charity says it never received a penny and complained to police in May this year (yes, the irony).

Bristol BLM later changed its name to All Black Lives Bristol, a spokesperson for which told the Bristol Post"The situation is sad and upsetting, but one we hope the community can come together to support one another through.  We will not be adding anything further given the personal nature of the matter".

It's no great surprise that these Marxists would opt for a 'no comment' response as this is not the first time BLM funds have gone missing.  The co-founder of BLM quit her role as executive director earlier this year following accusations that she had diverted cash to fund her multi-million dollar property portfolio.  Patrisse Cullors denies the claims and says she stepped down in order to focus on other work.  The mother of a black man killed by police says she never received the $5,000 raised for his funeral by a Los Angeles chapter of BLM and earlier this year an Ohio man was charged with fraud and money laundering relating to more than $450,000 of BLM funds.

It seems that when these Marxist revolutionaries get anywhere near large sums of money they can't help but enrich themselves.  For the few, not the many is a lesser known socialist slogan.