Wednesday 18 August 2021


Stella Creasy was at her virtue signalling best in Thursday's emergency debate on Afghanistan.  Complaining that Afghans were struggling to reach the airport, the MP for Walthamstow said: "We need an extraction plan for everyone".  Everyone Stella?  All 30 million of them?  She went on to implore the concerns of her Afghan constituents who still have relatives back home.  Presumably these trump all homegrown concerns such as those about waiting lists for housing, the shrinking jobs market and existing pressures on health and social care.

Then, true to her Blairite roots, Creasy demanded that a message be sent to the Taliban: "We need to get an agreement via the UN and NATO that if the Taliban provide a safe haven for al Qaeda or ISIS - we will not stand for it".  It was a war-mongering chain rattle that served as a reminder that it was her Labour - New Labour - that dragged us into Afghanistan in the first place.  It also exposed her poor grasp of recent Afghan history - for the Taliban have been at war with Islamic State since 2015.

Creasy rounded off her speech with more Blairite guff about the Taliban not being Islamic: "Islam is not the reason people are clinging to planes to save their lives".  Really?  Because the strict implementation of sharia law (aka Islamic law) by Islamist militants who refer to themselves as an 'Islamic Emirate' (aka the Taliban) - is surely about as Islamic as it gets.

Watch her full piece below, if you can refrain from smashing your screen.

You'll notice that Stella was surrounded by mask-wearing comrades, some of whom were socially distanced.  This is par for the course across the lockdown-enthusiast opposition benches.  The Tory benches, to their credit, were largely mask-free and sociable.

The left do adore their face comfort blankets.