Wednesday 11 August 2021


The recent decision by Metro Bank to close down Reform UK's bank account is yet another disturbing development in our nation's descent into Orwellian tyranny.  Richard Tice's party are hardly taking the polls by storm, but it appears that opposition to Covid restrictions is not to be tolerated.  Metro Bank reportedly informed their shocked client a couple of weeks ago, albeit with 60 days notice.

As Reform went public with the news, the bank released a pathetic statement in its defence: "We regularly review our customer accounts and close those which are no longer commercially viable.  The decision to close the Brexit Party account was made for commercial reasons only as a business as usual decision.  Metro Bank is and will remain politically neutral".  This is clearly not a 'business as usual' decision.  Bank accounts are usually closed when they become dormant, but Reform UK has a turnover of millions.  No longer commercially viable?  Seriously?  And why did the statement refer to the 'Brexit Party', a name that was ditched in January?

Nothing about Metro Bank's statement makes any sense, something alluded to by Tice in his speech at Monday's press conference (see below).

There is little explanation for Metro Bank's decision other than a political act of sabotage against a party that is opposed to state totalitarianism.  Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Metro Bank's chairman Sir Michael Snyder (knighted under the Brown regime) has also been the head of the London Freemasons since 2015.  The secret society has long been regarded as having a significant influence on politics.  Some powerful people may well have called in a favour.