Tuesday 3 August 2021


Despite all the grim forecasts from lockdown enthusiasts about the ending of restrictions in England, the data has gone in completely the opposite direction.  Instead of infections rising, the number of new cases has plummeted.  Don't just take our word for it, visit the official UK government dashboard.  A screen cap of Monday's update can be found below.

Keir Starmer described the ending of lockdown restrictions from July 19 as 'reckless', while SAGE scientists warned there would be '100,000 cases a day' within weeks.  Lockdown enthusiasts shrieked at the idea of freedom and normality, while the first ministers of Scotland and Wales confirmed they would cling on to restrictions such as face coverings, as would powerful left-wing mayors such as Burnham and Khan.  All their blushes have largely been spared because the mainstream media is in itself one huge pro-lockdown movement and asides from GB News, the decline in new cases has largely gone unreported.

But what about deaths and hospital admissions?  Recent increases in both are beginning to slow, but it's crucial to remember that deaths generally lag four weeks behind infection, so a significant decline in deaths would be expected in around another fortnight.  It's also worth noting the recent revelation that almost a quarter of hospital admissions are not through Covid, but are listed as Covid patients anyway after testing positive.  This is a devious manipulation of the statistics, but of course it is not the first time stats have been twisted and won't be the last.

Is the virus in its death throes?  Probably not, but the fact remains that infections have continued to fall a full two weeks after the end of the longest lockdown.  This does any argument for future lockdowns no favours whatsoever.