Sunday 1 August 2021


A well shared photo over the weekend saw Laurence Fox head a superb line-up to trigger any leftist. The Fox was joined by his Reclaim colleague Calvin Robinson, Brexit hero Darren Grimes and Antifa nemesis Andy Ngo for a lunch meeting on Saturday.  

Ngo, Grimes, Robinson and Fox on Saturday

The topics for discussion are not clear, although Grimes recently tweeted that he had resigned from the Conservative Party over vaccine passports.  Is he about to join Fox and Robinson in the Reclaim Party?  Or was he merely there to take advantage of Andy Ngo's presence in the UK?  Ngo is currently holidaying here and any self-respecting critic of the far left would jump at the chance to meet the man who has singlehandedly done more damage to Anfifa/BLM than anyone.

Over the years Ngo has infiltrated Antifa and last year exposed the violent reality of what the media repeatedly dubbed 'peaceful protests' following the death of George Floyd.  He has been assaulted several times by far left thugs during the course of his work and has been subjected to numerous death threats.  His book Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy was a national bestseller in the US.

Both Grimes and Fox tweeted the above photo with the tag 'white supremacist lunch club', in reference to the clearly diverse nature of the club.  Ngo commented: "Gay, black, Asian white supremacists".

As Western society has become more diverse, so has conservatism.  This is a good thing as it makes a mockery of the left's persistent characterisation of the right as 'racist'.  The rise of President Trump alerted many to the reality of the broad church of Western conservatism.  Leftists looked away in horror and stuck their heads in the sand, but the roll-call of prominent MAGA-capped black conservatives was endless.  However, the likes of Candace Owens, Sheriff David Clarke, the Hodgetwins, Diamond & Silk, David J Harris, Terrence K Williams and Joel Patrick were conservatives long before Trump was elected.

The condescending left do not own or represent ethnic minorities.  In any case, the cultural backgrounds of many such communities are more naturally tilted towards conservative values, as opposed to the decadent, debauched surroundings of the modern left.  Together, we will beat the rise of the far left, but in the meantime we have bigger globalist fish to fry.