Thursday 19 August 2021


The open borders lobby have swung into action following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan.  The 'refugees welcome' placards are currently being dusted off as the left bemoan the government's generous commitment to immediately take 5,000 Afghans, with a further 15,000 later on.  'It's not enough' has been the predictable response.  Labour's far left Momentum group goes further and says that Britain must accept all Afghan refugees.  Without any thought for strains on an already struggling NHS, shrinking jobs market and growing national debt, the following tweet shows just how crazed these leftists are...

The tweet was accompanied by a video featuring Streatham MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy who urged Britain to do more, although she stopped short of directly calling for our already overcrowded island to import potentially millions of people.  Watch below.

At the time of writing the Change petition started by Momentum has attracted barely 200 signatures.  The petition repeats the group's assertion that Britain should house all Afghans fleeing the Taliban, adding that all Afghans already here should be given permanent leave to remain.  In Bell's video they include a brief shot of both Bush and Blair, before cutting to the much hated Blair.  The reality is that the invasion of Afghanistan was a US-led operation, as was the 20 year occupation.  Yes, Britain and a whole host of other Western countries were involved to a much smaller degree, but why should Britain alone accept all Afghan refugees?  If we must do anything at all, then surely Sleepy Joe and other Western leaders should step up to the plate too?

What the left also fail to acknowledge is that Britain is already seeing a daily influx of migrants as it is, many of whom are Afghans.  Boat crossings from France have already reached a record high this year and that was after just seven months.  The left may complain that 5,000 Afghans is not enough, but we have already seen more than twice that number land on the shores of Kent this year.

By all means we can house a small number of interpreters, but not every single Afghan who doesn't want to live under Taliban rule.  5,000 is too many, 20,000 is absurd.  Britain is full up.