Tuesday 17 August 2021


It's a beautiful thing to watch the left eat the left and that's exactly what has happened to lefty luvvie narcissist Lily Cole after a daft Instagram post in which she posed in a burqa.  Coming just as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, her timing was impeccable.  She posted two pictures, one with the veil down and one with it up, under the guise of promoting her new book Who Cares Wins: Reasons For Optimism in Our Changing World.

Her accompanying caption read: "Let's embrace diversity on every level".  What next Lily?  Are you going to black up too?  For someone who supposedly embraces the left, this is a hapless display of naivety.

In addition to howls of cultural appropriation, feminists raged over Lily's insensitive timing.  Times columnist Janice Turner was particularly scathing...

Cole has since apologised and claimed that she hadn't read the news at the time she posted.  Good grief, that's lame.  She has also been criticised over an interview in which she says she now identifies as 'queer' ie. someone who is not straight.  Just to be clear, Lily lives with her husband - a man.  It's probably news to him, too.

All this is presumably meant to boost her book sales.  Good grief, she really is lame.