Wednesday 11 August 2021


Dawn Butler is still gloating about 'her' police stop one year on.  Earlier this week she used the incident as the premise for an anti-Met article in the Metro.  More than half of the article is dedicated to the police stop as she trots out the same twisted version of events.  "I did not lie" she writes, yet in the previous paragraph she claims that she never pretended to be the driver or flipped the footage to suggest that she was (someone flipped the footage, otherwise there wouldn't be two versions).

Every time she drags up this story she describes being personally stopped by the police, a statement that to any newcomer would suggest that she had been driving the car.  The police don't stop a passenger, they stop the driver.

Please Dawn, you have not persistently shared this story to shine a light on 'wacism'.  You share this story at every opportunity because you crave the attention.  Over the course of the past year there must be endless more important things for the Met to have been engaged with rather than entertaining your egotistical whim.