Monday 9 August 2021


Forthright historian Neil Oliver has been causing a stir, again.  In a recent monologue on his GB News show, Oliver had lockdown enthusiasts spitting feathers as he declared he would 'cheerfully risk catching Covid in the name of freedom'.
"If your freedom means I might catch Covid from you, then so be it.  If my freedom means you might catch Covid from me, then so be it.  That's honestly how I see it.  For the sake of freedom, yours and mine together, I will cheerfully risk catching Covid.  That is a chance one among many that I am prepared to take and happily.  Life is not safe.  Freedom is not safe.  For the sake of freedom, yours and mine together all freedoms being of equal value, I will cheerfully risk much else besides".
Neil Oliver, GB News
He went on to describe the current debate about restrictions as another 'battle of Britain': "It's being fought by a minority outgunned and shouted down by those who would accept freedom handed to them by MPs on condition that they do as they are told.  That's not freedom.  That is tyranny".  Cue outrage on middle class Twitter and in the pro-lockdown media, including the following outrageous headline from the left-leaning London Economic.

A country that has sunk to the stage where libertarian views can openly be described as 'reprehensible' really is in the grip of tyranny, rather proving Oliver's point.  Among the others lashing out at his pro-freedom views were far left singer Billy Bragg and the SNP's Sandra White, a former MSP who complained that Oliver should not be used to promote tourism in Glasgow.  Oliver's commentary can be heard on tour buses in the city, although the SNP have prior beef with Oliver due to his staunch Unionist views.

You can judge Neil Oliver's 'controversial' six minute monologue for yourself by clicking below.

Oliver has since riled up the Twitter mob and lockdown media by announcing that his children will not be receiving a Covid vaccine, leading to various comments suggesting that his children should be kept out of school as a result.  Yes, that's how extreme and fanatical lockdown and vaccine enthusiasts have become.  Don't they recall a time not so long ago in which these vaccines were intended to protect vulnerable groups?  Since then the demand has expanded to 70 per cent of all adults (for herd immunity), then all adults and from 16 and 17-year-olds to children aged 12 and over.  Will we be jabbing newborns by the end of this year?  All purportedly for a virus that we know presents almost zero threat to children.

Neil Oliver remains steadfast in his views, for which he has every right to broadcast, and thanks to the free thinking platform of GB News he is unlikely to be cancelled any time soon.  A breath of fresh air in these deeply troubling times, we at BTLP are firmly on the side of the Coast Guy.