Saturday 28 August 2021


Remoaner Labour MP Karl Turner came unstuck this week after tweeting a photo showing empty supermarket shelves.  Remainers have been trending on Twitter all week with accusations that Brexit is behind a shortage of lorry drivers and claiming that supermarket shelves are bare.

Unfortunately for Karl, eagle-eyed Twitter users clocked that the photo was from last year's panic-buying spree ahead of the first Covid lockdown.

When Twitter users rumbled the Hull MP and accused him of perpetuating fake news, Turner took off to his local Asda in an attempt to show them the real thing.  In a barely literate tweet, Turner attached three photographs showing a grand total of seven empty shelves.

Hardly the apocalyptic scene from his original tweet!  Furthermore, we will never know if this was the first supermarket he had visited or whether he had spent hours trawling across various Hull supermarkets to try and find proof of the elusive Brexit apocalypse.

In a final humiliating blow to Turner's self esteem, Asda themselves then got in touch with the MP...


Last month Turner's colleague Chris Bryant was forced to apologise after he tweeted a doctored image of empty shelves plastered with messages labelling Brexit voters 'thick twats' who 'probably voted Conservative too'.  However, Bryant's apology only related to the use of foul language and not the general message itself.

Shouldn't the bitterness of Remainers be receding by now?  It's been five years!