Wednesday 24 November 2021


Labour's Stella Creasy is kicking up a huge fuss after she was told that she can no longer bring her baby into the chamber of the House of Commons.  Stella has been doing the media rounds on Wednesday complaining over the airwaves and her Twitter feed is currently wall-to-wall expressions of entitlement.

In one of her media appearances on Wednesday morning, the Walthamstow MP told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire that she didn't have maternity cover and appeared to suggest that misogyny was to blame.  Click below for the clip.

The insufferably smug MP is the epitome of a white middle class 'Karen' who appears to have lost touch with reality.  How many jobs are there out there where employees are allowed to bring their child into work with them?  Furthermore, the House of Commons already caters for childcare needs and has an onsite fully-staffed nursery for up to 40 children from three months up.  Stella's latest baby is thirteen weeks old and would qualify for the service, but this clearly isn't good enough for Creasy.

Numerous female MPs have given birth over the years and numerous female MPs have managed to raise their children without having them clinging to their bosoms in the Commons chamber.  What makes Creasy such a special case?  Her elevated sense of entitlement, apparently.

Her constituency is barely nine miles from Westminster and she earns an £82,000 salary.  It's not as if she cannot afford a nanny for a few hours per week.  And where is the father of the child, of whom little is known?

If nothing else, this is not a great way to raise a son.  Cradled to her bosom 24/7 is going to give him crippling anxieties when he goes out into the real world and he will surely grow up to be a proper mummy's boy - as entitled and out of touch as his mother.