Monday 8 November 2021


Throughout the pandemic the mainstream media has acted as the propaganda arm of the government and, later, big pharma.  Misleading headlines have become the norm and Monday was no different with claims being put out by Sky and ITV that Covid hospitalisations were '14 times higher than this time last year'.  The quote was attributed to the head of NHS England, Amanda Pritchard.

Unfortunately for both news giants, this was demonstrably false and easily disproved.  NHS information on the UK government's coronavirus dashboard shows that daily hospitalisations reported as Covid are currently averaging around the 1,000 mark - compared to around 1,500 this time last year.  So, not only are hospitalisations not 14 times higher, they're actually 50 per cent lower!

This fake news was duly called out and the broadcasters responded by re-editing the stories.  In a clumsy edit ITV claimed that Pritchard had been referring to 'cases' from August.  However, the original claim remains embedded in Google previews of the article.

Sky deleted a tweet containing the story this afternoon and their article was also edited to show that Pritchard was referring to data from August.  However, in the Sky quote attributed to Pritchard she refers to '14 times the number of people in hospital with Covid than we saw this time last year'.  That is neither cases or admissions and is an entirely different claim altogether - but it is still false if the comparison is like for like in November, as the headlines suggested.

Critical thinking is imperative in times of universal deceit.  Think for yourself and don't allow these charlatans to put thoughts in your head.