Monday 8 November 2021


It was a moment of total dejection for Keir Starmer as he was forced to listen to sour-faced Hollywood actor Brian Cox on why he abandoned Labour for the SNP.  The painful moment occurred as the pair appeared on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.  Marr reminded Starmer that Labour can't win power without a resurgence in Scotland, to which the Labour leader replied with his usual abstract waffle of nothingness.  Cox gave an abridged version of why he left Labour in 2015.

From a working class background in Dundee, Cox was a natural Labour supporter back in the day.  He went on to voice adverts for New Labour in the 90s, but became a supporter of Scottish independence in the wake of New Labour's fall from power.  Cox publicly resigned from Labour and announced he had joined the SNP ahead of the 2015 general election in which the SNP won all but three Westminster seats in Scotland.  He has since become a loud voice for IndyRef2 and Scottish independence.

Click below for the Marr clip.

While Cox harps on about Scotland and its politics, it should be duly noted that he has not actually lived in Scotland for decades.  He has three homes - two in the United States and one in the UK, but in England no less.  None of his children were born or raised in Scotland.  Sound familiar?  That famous SNP supporter Sean Connery was no different.

The hypocrisy doesn't end there.  While Cox's repeated assertion that he is a socialist serves as a reminder that the SNP is an inherently left-wing enterprise, it also begs the question: When can we expect the redistribution of his multi-million pound wealth and property portfolio?