Thursday 4 November 2021


With Claudia Webbe due to be sentenced on Thursday afternoon, a handful of leftists on Twitter continued to stand by the convict MP.

One Corbynista account used the hashtag #IStandWithClaudiaWebbe.  At the time of writing this is the only use of the hashtag anywhere on Twitter on Thursday.  Proof that when the chips are down your friend circle diminishes.

Note the complete lack of solidarity with Webbe's victim in these tweets.

We do hope that the following comment comes back to bite Reznor Blake later today.

Firstly, it is not a 'minor offence' and gaol is a very real possibility.  Secondly, she will be punished for the crime in question - not exonerated for her previous clean record.  Thirdly, why the racism?

As the clock ticks down to her sentencing, Claudia continues to tweet from her account, with no mention of her impending court appearance.  So far today she has tweeted a happy Diwali message, a demand for the super rich to pay their taxes and a message of solidarity with Indian farmers.