Sunday 14 November 2021


Andrew Marr picked a fight with Angela Rayner on Sunday over her 'Tory scum' remarks, for which she has already apologised.  It was a strange attack line from Marr and Rayner deftly turned the tables when it was put to her that she apologise personally to the Prime Minister.

Click below for the clip.

Rayner is not the liability she once was.  She may have her snout in the trough just as much as the next MP, but her bolshie worker's dialect connects with a demographic that Labour has long abandoned.  Her last appearance at PMQs showed just how effective this can be when coming up against the Etonian waffle of Boris Johnson.  Having recovered well from 'scumgate' and upped her game, the Tories will be thankful that she is not at the despatch box on a more regular basis.

Conversely, the immeasurably dull and vacuous Starmer is a gift.