Tuesday 9 November 2021


Senedd members have voted to expand the use of vaccine passports in Wales to include theatres, cinemas and concert halls.  The vote passed easily by 39 votes to 15, with Plaid Cymru backing Labour.  The sole Liberal Demcrat MS voted against as did all but one of the Conservatives.  It is not clear which Tory failed to register a vote this time.  In the previous Senedd vote on vaccine passports, Tory MS Gareth Davies infamously gifted Labour victory.

During Tuesday's debate it was argued by Tory MS Janet Finch-Saunders that vax passes would discriminate against the poorest in society, to which a Labour MS responded with a disgusting, sneering remark.  Jenny Rathbone, who represents Cardiff Central, said that people on low incomes could not afford to go to sports matches anyway, 'so let's get real on this one' she added.  Rathbone couldn't contain her amusement at the remark, watch below.

A protest was held outside the Senedd as members debated the passport extension.  Alan Miller, co-founder of the Together declaration, spoke to Tory MS James Evans outside.  Watch below.

Mark Drakeford has threatened to expand the passport scheme to all hospitality sectors if infection rates in Wales don't come down.  That would mean people would have to present their papers in order to go into a pub, restaurant or cafe.  Infection rates are already falling in Wales, but Drakeford has not rescinded his threat.

In a sick twist Tuesday's passport debate was followed by another on forthcoming Remembrance events in Wales.  Remind us again Mr Drakeford what it is that our ancestors fought for?