Tuesday 9 November 2021


There will be no recall petition in Leicester East until next spring at the earliest.  Claudia Webbe's ten week sentence means she is eligible for a recall, but it will only be held pending the outcome of her appeal hearing.

Webbe's appeal against her harassment conviction will be heard from March 9 and her victim will be compelled to give evidence again.  Webbe has been warned that her sentence could go either way if the conviction is upheld, meaning she could go straight to prison or have the existing sentence reduced.  Webbe's lawyer is the former Labour leader of Camden Council, Raj Chada.  Chada has previously defended Extinction Rebellion protesters, anti-deportation campaigners and BLM activists.

Keir Starmer has called on Webbe to resign as an MP, a call that has fallen on deaf ears.  Although an avid Twitter user, Webbe has yet to refer to her conviction via her Twitter account.