Thursday 11 November 2021


While Labour MPs continue their absurd posturing over the wearing of face masks in the Commons, there has been a significant outbreak of Covid in the Commons... among Labour MPs.  The outbreak only came to light after 28 Labour MPs failed to vote in the disgraceful Tory exoneration of Owen Paterson.  Several MPs were compelled to report they were self-isolating after being accused by their own side of gifting the Tories victory (the vote was won by just 18 votes).

The following tweets provide examples of Labour MPs who have tested positive - despite their mask-wearing theatre - and not necessarily a comprehensive list.

Remember this outbreak next time a Labour MP extolls the virtues of mask wearing.

Keir Starmer's own self isolation period ended last week, just in time for him to bask in the virtues of Diwali.  Sporting a smudged bindi - the red dot that Hindus wear on their forehead - Starmer looked like a cross between Mikhail Gorbachev and a victim of domestic violence.