Thursday 18 November 2021


A crowdfunding campaign has been set up in support of an independent cinema that refused to comply with Mark Drakeford's vax pass mandate.  Cinema and Co in Swansea announced on Facebook earlier this week that they would be ignoring the requirement and customers would not be asked to present their papers.  On Thursday trading standards officers arrived from Labour-run Swansea City Council to shut down the business for 28 days.  In a bizarre move they also confiscated food from the premises.

The owner, Anna Redfern, has vowed to ignore the order and re-open as normal on Friday.  In the mean-time a crowdfunder was set up to support the small independent and amassed more than £10,000 in less than two hours.

Drakeford and his goons have underestimated the strength of feeling over this.  The Cinema and Co escapade has already backfired spectacularly and other small businesses will be looking on in interest as the unity and strength of our movement translates into financial reward.  Do not comply.  Hold the line.  Together we can bring Covid tyranny to an end.

If you would like further updates on the Cinema and Co crowdfunder or would like to contribute - click here.

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