Friday 5 November 2021


Labour politicians have welcomed a 'refugee puppet' to Britain as part of a Europe-wide publicity stunt to promote open borders.  The eleven foot tall puppet depicts a Syrian child refugee which campaigners have dubbed 'Amal', meaning 'hope' in Arabic.  It has travelled across Turkey and Europe from the Syrian border and will end its journey in Manchester.  That's quite apt, considering that such a large proportion of migrants who enter Europe are heading directly for soft touch Britain.

Amal was greeted on UK soil by Hollywood actor Jude Law (pictured, above).  Law's dedication to migrant causes appears to be unshaken following his disastrous 2016 visit to a migrant camp in Calais.  On that occasion his 'security team' was attacked and robbed by the very people that Law had gone there in support of.  The fact that Law saw fit to be accompanied by security in the first place tells us a lot about how he really sees migrants.  No doubt he would be horrified if they set up camp outside his pad, but he is only too happy to see them land in working class communities.

The puppet's arrival in London was hailed by Sadiq Khan in his familiar sycophantic virtue signalling way.

Crowds welcomed the puppet in Deptford, south London, and there were no shortage of venues looking to receive Amal on her British leg.  She was greeted at the Royal Opera House, the National Theatre, the Victoria and Albert Museum and St Paul's Cathedral.  Jeremy Corbyn and Alf Dubs were among the migrant enthusiasts who greeted the puppet on a tour of Westminster.

Jeremy Corbyn and Alf (Lord) Dubs

Prior to the big finale in Manchester, the puppet attended events in Oxford, Coventry, Birmingham, Sheffield, Barnsley and Wigan.  Labour's Zarah Sultana was among those who greeted the puppet in Coventry, while Andy Burnham posed for photos in Wigan.  Burnham was too busy parading himself around COP26 in Glasgow to attend the grand finish in Manchester.

Zarah Sultana and Andy Burnham

While Amal the puppet appears to have been universally welcomed in the towns and cities of England, its journey across Europe was not without resistance.  The mayor of Calais objected to its presence and in Greece missiles were thrown at it, there were protests staged in Athens and one town council declared that a 'Muslim doll' was not welcome.

The Pope and countless other Christian dignitaries across Western Europe begged to differ as they greeted the puppet into their cathedrals with huge fanfare.  Their welcoming arms may placate the unholy woke brigade, but it will do them no favours in the long run.  Thanks to a demographic timebomb Christian Europe is dying.  By throwing open their arms to migrants they only welcome their own demise.