Tuesday 23 November 2021


Labour's hapless health spokesman Jonathan Ashworth did the media rounds on Monday to put forward his party's latest attitude to coronavirus restrictions.  It didn't start well for Ashworth when he failed to realise he was live on Good Morning Britain and began fiddling with his hair as the presenters desperately tried to get his attention.  Ashworth apologised for yet another embarrassing gaffe and proceeded to bat away Adil Ray's suggestion that Britain should enforce mandatory Covid vaccinations for all.

Ashworth later moved to another room in his lavish home for an interview with TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer.  It was a very different interview as Hartley-Brewer tore into Ashworth over Labour's lockdown stance.  She quite rightly pulled him up after he referred to 'Boris Johnson's lockdowns' as if Labour were in some way exempt from responsibility - despite having voted in favour of all the national lockdowns, plus implementing three of their own in Wales.

Hartley-Brewer also rinsed Ashworth over his party's double standards regarding the wearing of face masks.  Click below for the clip.