Thursday 18 November 2021


The new darling of the left emulated one of her parliamentary predecessors today when she clashed with the Commons chair over her use of the word 'dodgy'.  Zarah Sultana described Tory ministers as 'dodgy', irking deputy speaker Eleanor Laing who demanded that she withdraw the remark or at least rephrase it.  After Sultana refused three times, Laing gave up.  This was in stark contrast to the infamous clash between Dennis Skinner and John Bercow, when Skinner referred to then PM Cameron as 'dodgy Dave'.  Bercow had Skinner removed from the Commons.

Perhaps it was Sultana's intention to get thrown out all along - a calculated act of martyrdom that would have raised her status even further with the red masses.  Laing may well have been wise to this.

Their clash can be seen below and note how Sultana refers to Laing as the 'deputy secretary' in a slip of her communist tongue...

If you enjoyed that exchange, click below for a look back at the Skinner versus Bercow clash.