Saturday 27 November 2021


Kingston-upon-Hull is among the long list of predominantly northern English towns and cities to be blighted by the vile scourge of Muslim grooming gangs.  Sky News has covered the Hull story this week, with testimony from a young woman who said she had been raped by up to 150 men from the age of 13.  She provided text messages from one of the ringleaders and said that some of the assaults were filmed, with one video captioned: "English girl gets f***** against her will".  Despite the very obvious racial nature of the crimes, Sky does not refer to the Islamic backgrounds of the men once during their coverage.

Sky's opening report can be seen below.

Local news outlets have been less shy about the common link between the perpetrators, the Hull Daily Mail describing them as 'Turkish, Kurdish and Bangladeshi'.  As with all the other towns and cities blighted by these gangs, Hull City Council is run by Labour and they have little to say about the problem at all.  Quelle surprise?