Tuesday 9 November 2021


The left-wing nature of green politics was epitomised by some of the protesters in Glasgow over the weekend.  On Saturday the red flags of the Communist Party of Britain were on display as protesters marched against 'climate change'.  The sinister masked communists were from the CPB's youth wing, the Young Communist League.

The YCL contingent were reportedly intent on causing trouble and deliberately separated from the main march by police officers who then surrounded the group.  One YCL member was arrested during the operation.  The YCL later complained on social media about the police tactics, but their intentions were clear to see given their attire and just look at the way they blur out their faces on social media (see above photo, lifted directly from their Twitter account).

And what about that sinister message, 'socialism or extinction'?  A new play on Castro's infamous 'socialism or death' slogan.