Tuesday 23 July 2019


"You sound like a cracked record now" Emily Maitlis told remoaner Tony Blair as he whinged and whined about Brexit.  Isn't the expression 'stuck record'?  Oh well, never mind.  Blair was being interviewed for Newsnight by a peculiarly bronze-faced Maitlis who almost resembled a victim of Goldfinger.  "You sound like a Lib Dem now" she told him as she proceeded to goad him into saying he would vote accordingly.  Such an admission would give Corbyn the perfect trigger to expel the troublesome 'fascist', but Blair is a slippery snake and would never fall into such a trap.  Consequently he doesn't say whether he would vote Lib Dem or even Labour.

Blair goes on to further 'endear' himself to Corbynistas by criticising the direction of the party.  "The weakness of the Labour party facilitates the right wing, always has done... it's what the left does when it indulges itself in sectarian politics of a far left variety".  He then goes back to his favourite topic of (stopping) Brexit and suggests that the weakness of Labour is helping to deliver a no deal Brexit.  He's clearly not as sharp as he once was and in mocking Labour's recent electoral performance he almost forgets himself and has to shake his head to stop himself from fully letting rip.  He is then stumped by Emily's final question and takes an age to answer.

Watch the interview below.