Sunday 21 July 2019


Labour has launched a snazzy new website declaring that Labour is "no place for antisemitism".  The site pools together various historical articles and videos condemning anti-Semitism, including a couple from Momentum that were themselves slammed by leftist Jew-haters at the time.  There is a downloadable eight page leaflet that will be downloaded by someone somewhere, possibly.  The site is introduced by Jeremy Corbyn who tells visitors how expelling anti-Semitism from Labour is a 'priority', but this is nothing new.  The video is from August last year.  An article telling people what Jeremy is doing about anti-Semitism was originally published in April last year.  There doesn't appear to be anything particularly new about this 'new' website.

A bunch of old videos, poor effort

It's a shame because at first glance the site appears to show that Labour is sluggishly beginning to make an effort to pretend to give a damn.  The problem is that it's now more than three years since Labour's anti-Semitism scandal first materialised and this is the best they can come up with.  The fact remains that nothing will change as long as the party is in the grip of the hard left and their Islamist friends.  Furthermore, if the British people are ever daft enough to vote them in, anti-Semitism will spiral out of control leading to dire consequences for the Jewish community.  The prospects of a Labour government are terrifying enough for most of us, so it's hard to imagine the fear going through the minds of some British Jews.