Monday 8 July 2019


Most Facebook users will probably have seen the Turning Point logo at some point.  Turning Point USA has almost one and a half million followers on its page and has spawned thousands of the finest memes attacking socialism and in defence of capitalism.  President Trump is a fan and Donald Trump Jnr has even spoke at their events.  Now Turning Point is establishing itself in the UK and already has some of the most impressive young political activists spreading the message, including Steven Edginton, Darren Grimes, Dominique Samuels and Chloe Westley.  Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Priti Patel are among the politicians who have voiced support for Turning Point UK.

The left is aware of how effective Turning Point has been in promoting capitalism on college campuses in America and has responded to the UK chapter by setting up multiple parody accounts on social media.  If you search for Turning Point UK on Twitter the real Turning Point account is not necessarily the first account that shows up in the search.  The real account is @TPointUK.  Dave Lammy is also worried about Turning Point and he has good reasons to be.  It will be much harder for people like Lammy to deploy the usual leftist name-calling when considering that Turning Point has numerous black people involved at the forefront.

Turning Point UK's YouTube channel has been a bit hit and miss thus far, with the comedy shorts a little cringeworthy, but definitely still worth hitting the subscribe button.

Make no mistake, Turning Point UK is a welcome addition in the fight against Corbynism and keeping the Great Leader out of Number Ten.  Support them where you can!