Tuesday 30 July 2019


Why did Jeremy Corbyn and several of his colleagues push for so many amendments to the proposed Northern Ireland bill?  They tabled a raft of amendments including one related to a 'Troubles fund' in which victims are compensated by way of a special pension.  Corbyn and his pals have proposed a clause that the pension should be eligible to "all seriously injured victims of Troubles-related violence".  The key word there is all.

It's been pointed out that such a vague sweeping statement could pave the way for ex-paramilitaries to claim the pension.  It doesn't take a great leap in logic to unlock Corbyn's motive.  As a firm supporter of Irish republicanism it's clear that he is still seeking the best for his IRA chums.  Perhaps by tabling so many changes Corbyn thought his pension-related amendment would slip through unnoticed.  He was sorely mistaken.  Victims and their families are outraged.

Matthew Jury, a solicitor who represented victims of the Hyde Park bombing, said:  "What this means is that even the IRA terrorist who blew off his fingers building his bombs is entitled to a pension.  By the back-door, taxpayers will be paying terrorists a state-funded pension.  And it means that terrorists' own victims, as taxpayers, will be forced to finance the retirement of the very people who took their limbs, their loved ones and their lives.  Corbyn must know this and it's monstrous.  These attempts to create a moral equivalence between terrorists and their victims and terrorists and British soldiers has to stop. There is none.  Terrorists in Northern Ireland willingly and actively engaged in violence.  Their victims did not.”

Here here.  The disgraceful amendment was also signed by Labour MPs Nick Brown, Tony Lloyd, Stephen Pound and Karin Smyth.  Lloyd is the Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, so we can clearly see where Labour's loyalties are going to lie were they to win power.  At the funeral of the murdered journalist Lyra McKee earlier this year Corbyn and Lloyd were pictured cosying up to Sinn Fein leaders Michelle O'Neill and Mary Lou McDonald.

The bill is currently being scrutinised by the House of Lords.

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