Wednesday 24 July 2019


Jared O'Mara appears to have regained control of his Twitter account.  The Sheffield Hallam MP, renowned for being one of the worst MPs ever to grace the House of Commons, was the focus of an extraordinary resignation last night via his Twitter account.  His former aide, Gareth Arnold, took control of the MP's Twitter account and let off a series of incendiary tweets.  Those tweets are now history, but the MP has not even acknowledged what happened.

Twitter locked Gareth Arnold out of O'Mara's account just before midnight and presumably the MP has now changed the password!  Thank goodness for screen capture.

Arnold was still tweeting incessantly via his own Twitter account into the early hours.  He also gave an interview to the local rag in which he confirmed he'd only worked for O'Mara for eight weeks.  Such a short period of time in which to build up such hatred and resentment of a fellow human being.  O'Mara must be some piece of work!