Saturday 20 July 2019


Little Owen is currently headlining a bunch of fascist lefties gathering in London to protest against Boris Johnson and the Leave mandate.  Labour MPs Clive Lewis, Marsha de Cordova and Anneliese Dodds are among the remoaners addressing the crowd.

The losers have also shelled out on a rather pathetic cartoon 'blimp' of Boris Johnson.  We say 'blimp', but it's actually just a big balloon that floats a few feet off the ground.  It's fair to say that the left has hit rock bottom with these playground antics, throwing shed loads of money at gimmicks that make themselves look idiotic rather than the people who the balloons are supposed to represent.  The fact the morons can't see it shows how much they share with their daft balloons ie. they're both full of hot air and little else.

For some reason Owen had to pull out of his big speech today, "for personal reasons" he tweeted.  A huge loss for the crowd no doubt, half of whom think he's an annoying little narcissist gobshite as much as anyone on the right does.