Saturday 20 July 2019


For the second time in less than two weeks we have been targeted by a scammer trying to gain access to our Facebook page.  The tactic this time was a little different, but it was much easier to spot than our crafty little Albanian friend from last week.

This time around the scammer created a fake page calling itself "Blue Tag" and tried to gain access to our page as an Admin.

Obviously we rejected the request, otherwise the scammer would have been able to remove our Admins and give him/her total control over the page and all would be lost.  On the face of it there appears to be little to connect this scam with the last one except that when we look at the page calling itself Blue Tag we can see that it was created on July 9 - the same day we were targeted by the Albanian scammer.  Interesting, although not sure what it means...

While we've reported this latest scam, the last one is still active on Facebook and no action appears to have been taken.  Tut tut Facebook, quick to take down our memes and censor us when someone reports them as 'offensive', but zero action on criminal scammers?

Don't forget to like and follow us on the backup page, just in case the next attempt to take down our page is successful.