Wednesday 24 July 2019


The left were mostly crying themselves to sleep last night, especially those who fear that Boris will deliver the killer blow to their dreams of PM Corbyn.  The ascent of PM Johnson is both a blessing and a curse for the Great Leader.  It comes at a time when he is on the ropes and vultures are beginning to circle, spurred on by squadron leader Watson.  The big media circus around Boris means there will be less interest in Labour's woes and the heat is turned down, at least for a short while.  However, what concerns most lefties is the 'Boris bounce'.

While many in his own party are going to make things tricky for him, there's little doubt that a sudden injection of fresh blood, ideas and bundles of charisma is going to give the Tories a boost.  Let's not forget that charisma was in short supply during May's premiership, not that she'll worry too much about that.  The worry will be found on the opposition benches where they are led by a bloke with the charisma of a house brick, except with less substance.  When he comes up against Boris, the Great Leader will be exposed like never before.  The vultures will smell blood again, except this time it could be insatiable.  If no election is forthcoming this year then Corbyn is unlikely to get a second run at Number Ten.

Bozza v Jezza is no contest and the left know it